Here you can write blogs and create podcasts about your loved topics. This can include views on economics, finance, politics, entrepreneurship blogs

About us

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Enigmee, is a student-led initiative for powering up people’s holistic growth, with access to constructive content. By sharing blogs post, and creating podcasts, counseling sessions, leadership opportunities, corporate exposure, entrepreneurship, and much more!

It started as a thought to work towards student presence early in their career. Hence, our goal is to build a sustainable team of volunteers and leaders. Admittedly, who can develop and take this notion to a revolution some day!

Blogs and Podcasts-

Enigmee provides a platform where users can write blogs and create podcasts. Similarly, this can contain facts and their views upon Economics blogs, Finance blogs, Entrepreneurship blogs, and every discipline they feel that connection.

Blogs and podcasts about their life experiences and their journey. Sharing any valuable information is what we look for.

On this platform, you can write independent blogs, read them, and listen to podcasts for free. It makes a difference through its motive and content. And the best part is students can volunteer! We are all a student-run community, every content is created by students and students are the ones who manage it.

Our story-

We were started on May 24, 2020, by three friends who have thought of using technology to impart knowledge. As a result, building an ecosystem for the students- where students are the creator and the world is their audience. Also, with a motive to serve as a bridge between what students’ growth and society betterment. Similarly, Enigmee is here to move students towards more productive activities. Moreover, we will continuously focus on making our content interesting and worthy of your time.

With us, every student has opportunities. Vis-a-vis a path to follow, and a future to change.

At Enigmee, we recognize the zeal and passion of every student. That is why we want them to leverage their skills. We offer various internships accompanying their interest and their future endeavors.
Moreover, our long term vision is to become a catalyst for a change in the sector of Child Education around the world. Subsequently, we strongly are committed. We sense our duty to sustainability, literacy, environment, creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation. It’s all because we believe we can!

We hope to make our team ever expanding.


If you want to be a part of our ambitious team, feel free to contact us for internships at-

Thanks for reading. Meet you soon at blogs!